Thursday, January 24, 2008

DML Weekly Report

1. What you have done
* Worked with getting Graham started on an unsupervised learner. Talked to an MS stat student about our assumptions.
* Worked with Yao on working just for a few weeks with us on Record Linkage and comparing metrics. Showed him our code.
* Worked on converting everything to use weka instead of Clementine.
* Met with the department about presenting to high schools.
* Began working on my media items for the High School video presentation.
* Helped Jun for a number of hours on his lab related stuff.

2. What problems you have encountered
* Keep crashing weka even with a 1.5gb jvm.

3. What possible solutions you are considering for these problems
* I am going to call weka classes from my program to decrease overhead.

4. What you plan on doing in the coming week
* Work on media items for HS presentation (video)
* Integrate an evaluation system into existing code using weka (to speed iterations)
* Help Graham, Yao, and Jun

5. New ideas, specific topics/issues you wish or us to focus on in
Does any one have clementine I could use for just one hour?

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